The Evolution of Kristen Stewart’s Style

The Many Styles of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has changed her style more than most celebrities. She’s constantly evolving and reinventing herself, each look better than the last. Take a look at how the stunning Twilight star has evolved her style over the years…

Kristen Stewart: Style before Twilight

Young and nearly recognizable. Kristen Stewart rocked business casual on the red carpet and definitely pulled it off.

Kristen Stewart’s Twilight Style

Simple yet iconic, Kristen Stewart definitely fashioned herself similarly to Bella Swan in 2008.
Nobody could have played Bella Swan better than Kristen Stewart.
Kristen Stewart became more comfortable with photoshoots over time, and really started rocking them in 2009.
Stunning, beautiful, and not even expecting a picture to be taken. Kristen Stewart is the definition of natural beauty.
Kristen Stewart never fails to do the unexpected. Especially in this famous lingerie spread. Despite being her first spread of this kind, she commanded attention and looked completely in her element.
Kristen bites her thumb, rocking a a black tank top, skinny blue jeans, and messy yet perfect hair.
When she isn’t making public appearances, Kristen Stewart rocks casual outfits and still maintains her aura.
Kristen, as Bella Cullen, rocks the vampire look better than any actress we can think of. Red eyes to die for.

Kristen Stewart’s Style Post-Twilight

Our personal pick for best blonde buzzcut off all time. Kristen Stewart is fearless when it comes to fashion.
Decked out in jewelry and still looking punk as f@#%.
Platinum blonde hair, a beautiful dress, and an innocent look that drives everybody wild.
Punk rock to the core. Hard to tell if Kristen Stewart looks more badass or sexy in this photoshoot.
Bra-less and not giving f@#%. Kristen Stewart does what she wants and nobody will question her for it. If anything, she’s just setting new fashion trends.

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