Kristen Stewart Spotted out with Stella Maxwell

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell Spotted at Dinner

Why is Kristen Stewart being spotted with her girlfriend news, you may ask? Because Kristen Stewart has been spotted with Robert Pattinson very recently as well. 

Despite a sometimes tumultuous relationship at time, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell have been going relatively strong since they started dating 3 years ago.

Kristen Stewart, 28, and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell, 27, showed how much they care about each other, as they spent even more time together at Coachella Music Festival on Saturday.


Dressed in her classic K-Stew androgynous style, Kristen rocked damaged black jeans with a cropped white shirt.

Stewart’s loose Supreme top had a cartoon man printed on the front, while she stayed true to her rocker style with a silver chain necklace.

Despite seeming happy at Coachella, and out and about together the other day, all may not be well for Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell.


As recent as last week, Kristen Stewart has been spotted out with Robert Pattinson. Those close to the situation are still unsure if it’s professional and there’s something in the works, or if they’ve both matured and may have more than a renewed friendship.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have a storied history, and with Robert Pattinson being single again, Kristen may find him to be more appealing.

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