Kristen Stewart = Bad Tipper? Say it ain’t so

Is Kristen Stewart a cheapskate? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

The tabloids are accusing Kristen Stewart of being a bad tipper. Was it a slow news week? Despite the importance level of such a topic, we still feel the need to address the rumor. This rumor is completely false.

Kristen is included in the section of this week’s OK! dubbed “Celebrity Cheapskates,” which features a slew of stories detailing stingy celebs. Reportedly, Kristen Stewart frequents H Coffee House in Los Angeles. She routinely orders more than $30 worth of food and drinks, but doesn’t leave much in terms of gratuity. A “source” told the OK!, “She only ever tips, like, $1. She’s a lovely person to talk to, but she never reaches into her pocket for her server. It’s weird.”

Here’s a better tip: If you’re going to completely fabricate a story, you should avoid including specific locations. Gossip Cop checked in with the coffee shop in question, and not a single employee was aware of Stewart’s cheap tendencies. A source close to the actress also insisted the magazine’s report is totally “made-up.”

OK! is always getting called out by Gossip Cop, among other truth-spreaders, about publishing phony articles Kristen Stewart, among hundreds of other celebrities. The fake news publication also falsely reported that Kristen’s mom hates her girlfriend.The unreliable outlet claimed the actress’s mother thought the Victoria’s Secret model was a bad influence, but there was no truth to the report obviously.

Stay tuned for the latest K-Stew news, along with all of the other celeb gossip you care about.

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