Ashley Greene is an Untraditional Bride

Ashley Green is NOT your typical bride, and we love her for it.

The 30-year-old actress told People magazine that she feels no pressure to rush to the aisle with her fiancé, Paul Khoury. A venue and date have not been selected yet.

“I’m probably the most untraditional bride,” she told People, laughing. “We’re at the age where a lot of our friends are getting married, and many of them are stressed out. That’s just not how I want to enter into our union. So, for us, we’re enjoying the honeymoon engagement stage.”

Greene, while speaking at the SIMPLY Los Angeles Fashion Conference, mentioned that her lack of urgency doesn’t mean that her mom hasn’t been reminding her to get planning.

“My mom and his mom are like, ‘So, where’s the dress? Where are the bridesmaids? Where are you going to get married?’ and I’m like, ‘Chill. Slow your roll.’ We’re going to do it when it’s right,” she says. “My mom did remind me that wedding venues book up two years in advance.”

All she wants is a fun wedding without conforming to traditional and stressful circumstances.

“I just want it to be fun for everyone involved versus it being this really strict wedding,” she admits. “Thankfully, both of our mothers are very understanding and respectful of my process.”

Her lackadaisical attitude is consistent at the very least, as she’s ready for a long journey to finding her wedding dress, and she’s okay with it.

“My wedding dress is going to be difficult because I’ve gone towards more simplicity, but I like detail,” she says. “I’m working on finding the perfect mix. I’ve tried on so many party gowns, how do you compete with that? But, when I see it, I think I’ll know.”


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