Taylor Lautner Spotted Looking Buff

Taylor Lautner Looking Buff

New pictures of Taylor Lautner have surfaced and he;s definitely looking bigger.

The 25-year-old actor showed off his muscles in a tight shirt while out and about on Saturday morning (July 29) in Malibu, Calif.

Reports are rambling about his muscle mass, but several Popplz staff members think he may have put on a little fat rather than muscle.

Of course, we’d all date him in the snap of a finger but we can’t help but notice the lack of definition and rounder cheeks. He’s still a ten though!

The week before, Taylor showed off his arms in a tank top while leaving lunch with friends.

Taylor recently took a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain and shared a photo with a friend in front of the Hall of Justice. We would love to see Taylor play a super hero in a DC Comics movie!

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