Robert Pattinson Won’t Masturbate Dogs

Robert Pattinson wouldn’t jack a dog off for a movie scene, and he’s a hero to PETA for it.

Robert Pattinson says no to dog masturbation and that’s important. He’s the hero we don’t deserve, ladies and gentleman. 

The Twilight star told Jimmy Kimmel that the director of his latest movie, “Good Time,” wanted him to shoot a scene in which he pleasured a dog, but Robert Pattinson rightfully refused.

PETA’s stance is that the scene is a form of mistreatment “like child molestation.”

The animal rights organization referred to a story that TMZ broke. It involved a distressed pup that appeared to have been forced to swim in raging waters in the movie “A Dog’s Purpose,” saying, “PETA depends on actors and crew members to come forward when they see mistreatment.”

PETA is now on the case, and trying to figure out if any laws have been broken.

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