Stephenie Meyer working on a new supernatural TV show

Stephenie Meyer is set to product a new supernatural TV show and we’re dying of excitement.

The Twilight Saga ruled the world a decade ago, and while rumors suggest that it’s bound to do so again from 2018 to 2020, Stephenie Meyer may rule world again before then. 

The world bought into the Team Edward vs Team Jacob narrative and Twihards remain as prevalent as ever. For the time being, Stephenie Meyer is turning her attention to the world of TV.

The Starz network announced at the Television Critics Association summer press tour (via THR) that The Rook, a supernatural thriller, has been green-lighted for a full season. 

The Rook follows a young woman with a case of amnesia and some strange powers. She wakes up in a park in London surrounded by dead bodies wearing latex gloves and the series is off to the races.

Toss in some paranormal investigation and not knowing who to trust, and you have the gist of this potential blockbuster series. Lionsgate and Liberty Global will co-produce the series, which will be shot in the United Kingdom and air in 2018.

And it seems that Meyer won’t actually be writing the series, as the publication states that Sam Holcroft and Al Muriel will be adapting Daniel O’Malley’s novel, while Meyer produces.

Meyer has previously served as producer on both The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn films, Austenland and the film adaptation of her book The Host, which was received poorly by critics, but hell, so was Twilight and we loved that!

Will you be watching The Rook? Let us know in the comments! 

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