Kristen Stewart Copies Robert Pattinson – Gets Dog

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell may have the cutest dog ever…

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are in month 7 of their relationship so far. Everybody knows that month 7 is puppy month. This is officially Kristen Stewart’s longest relationship since dating Robert Pattinson years ago. If rumors are to believed, Robert may be driving Stella and Kristen apart, but that has yet to be confirmed.

So now that Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are on the big 0-7, the pup was a must. Does the fact that Robert Pattinson and his current girlfriend, FKA Twigs, also having a dog give credence to the fact that Kristen’s relationship may be for the long haul?

Stella’s all over Instagram posting dog pics and we’re not mad about it. Bonus points to Kristen’s GF for adopting it from a shelter too. Adopting has become the cool way to acquire a dog over the past few years, rather than buying from breeders, so it is no surprise that the cutting edge couple decided to go that route.

Prepare for the cuteness before scrolling down and seeing Stella and the new pet.


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Stella’s gorgeous, but we’d rather see Robert playing with his dog instead.

We all know that Kristen loves her privacy, so unfortunately there isn’t a social media account with Kristen/puppy pics. We definitely respect the Twilight actresses’ decision to remain off the grid though. This is a good place to insert the weekly reminder that Kristen doesn’t have a single social media account. REPEAT: there isn’t a single account. 

As of now, the adorable couple have kept their relationship offline. We’ll be the first to report it if that changes!

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