Robert Pattinson in ‘Good Time’ Trailer

Robert Pattinson received a 6 minute standing ovation for ‘Good Time’ at Cannes.

Robert Pattinson has thrown his name into the Oscars ring following the premiere of new film Good Time at Cannes.

The heist thriller, which debuted last night (25 May), had screened to journalists earlier in the day who unanimously praised the Twilight actor’s performance as not only “a career best” but the festival’s pinnacle.

Directing duo the Safdie brothers and their cast received a rapturous response both before and after the premiere, with The Hollywood Reporter stating “the crowd went wild” before giving a six-minute standing ovation.

“Whistles, cheering and yells of ‘Great job!’and ‘Bravo!’ could be heard, and at the tail end of the film’s six-minute standing ovation, a chant carried throughout the orchestra up to the balcony.”

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