14 Twilight Facts that you Actually Don’t Know

14 Rare Twilight Saga Facts You Didn’t Know

The Twilight Saga has one of the most rabid fanbases in the history of films, and for good reason. Bella and Edward’s love story is one of the best ever told, and the actors, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, did them justice. It’s no wonder that fans are rabid for more (not to mention freaking out and breaking the internet when a new trailer was leaked last week)

1. Robert Pattinson’s eyebrows are waaaay bigger in Eclipse because he didn’t want to wax them anymore. Robert Pattinson's Eyebrows Suddenly Became Bigger in 'Eclipse' Because He Didn't Want to Wax Them Anymore

I can’t blame him. Waxing is rough.


2. Twilight author Stephenie Meyer was in the movie!

Stephenie Meyer, the Writer, Was in the Movie! here she is!

Oh hey there!


3. Kristen Stewart hated filming the honeymoon scene – Said it was too awkward

Kristen Stewart Didn't Really like Filming the Honeymoon Scene, She Said She Felt Way too Awkward

I would have gladly taken her place for these!

4. A dance party broke out during the final battle. Everybody on set danced their heart out.

During the Scene of the Battle in 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' a Dance Off Was Started and at One Point, Everyone Was Dancing on Set

This is amazing.

5. The sun makes a shadow shaped like a heart in the meadow scene.

The Sun Makes a Shadow Shaped like a Heart in the Scene with Edward and Bella in the Meadow

How did I not notice that?

6. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had to practice the meadow scene on the directors home bed before filming it.

The Two Main Actors Had to Try Out the Meadow Scene in the Director's House, on Her Bed

Okay that’s awkward.

7. Before Twilight, Robert Pattinson took surveys online to pay the bills while he did auditions during the day.

Bella's Prom Dress Was Only $20, Can You Imagine That?

He used SurveyJunkie. You can make $35 in 15 minutes with some of the surveys there. Cool site.

8. Jacob said “Kwop Kilawtley” to Bella before kissing her. It means “Stay with Me Forever”

"Kwop Kilawtley", the Thing Jacob Said to Bella Before Almost Kissing Her, Means "Stay with Me Forever"

Spoiler alert: She didn’t stay with Jacob. 

9. “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine, played when Edward and Bella danced at prom, and then again when they danced at their wedding.

The Same Song, "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine, Was Playing in Two Iconic Moments for the Couple: When They Were Dancing at the Prom and at Their Wedding

That’s a pretty cool easter egg.

10. Taylor Lautner gained 26 pounds of muscle mass for New Moon.

Taylor Lautner Had Do Build up Some Muscle Mass for This Role by Putting on 26 Pounds!

We’re glad you did it, Taylor.

11. The rest of the cast was dropping weight fast at the very last minute before Breaking Dawn.

As reported in 2015, they used Apex Forskolin – The fat burner famous for women losing up to 40 pounds in 30 days.

12. There were 11 actresses that played the role of Renesmee. Mackenzie Foy was the main one.

There Were 11 Actresses Who Portrayed the Character of Renesmee, with Mackenzie Foy Being the Main One

That’s pretty crazy to me.

13. Robert Pattinson was legitimately playing “Bella’s Lullaby” during the piano scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Robert Pattinson Has Multiple Talents! He Was Playing "Bella's Lullaby" for Real

Just another reason for me to remain in love with RPattz.

14. The red truck actually belongs to Kristen

The Red Truck That Bella Uses Actually Belongs to Kristen

Hey Kristen, I can haz dat truck?
TWIHARDS: How many of these did you already know? Be honest! Hopefully not all of them.

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