Is Ashley Greene Second Guessing Marriage?

Ashley Greene is NOT in a rush for marriage.

While Ashley Greene admitted to checking out Pinterest for wedding inspiration, she also insisted that she and Paul Khoury won’t be getting hitched anytime soon. Considering she’s already engaged, could this be a bad sign?

The Twilight vampire got engaged in December.

“Definitely nothing this year, perhaps next year,” Greene said passively to E! News. “I’m still at the point of looking down at my hand and going ‘Oh, my God! I’m engaged!’…I kind of want to relish in that first before taking on planning a wedding. We are going to try to make it as easy as possible but planning a wedding is a stressful thing for anyone and I just want to enjoy being engaged before I go down that road.”

For now, she’s focused on her next big milestone – Turning 30.

“Unlike a lot of my friends, I’ve never really had this fear of turning 30 or aging,” Greene said. “One of my best friend’s from home and I have the exact same birthday so we always try to spend it together. We planned a trip and a couple of our friends are going to meet us. We are all going to just get together and make a long weekend of it. It should be pretty fun.”

Despite looking absolutely stunning in the above image, Ashley Greene was voted worst dressed at the People’s Choice Awards.

Greene appears in In Dubious Battle alongside Selena Gomez, Josh Hutcherson and Nat Wolff as well as the film’s director James Franco.

“It was pretty amazing,” Greene said of working with Franco. “This man knows no boundaries and no boxes that a lot of us are put in. It’s really fun and inspiring to be on set with somebody like that. We would come to set every day and of course we would shoot what was on script but he would have these crazy ideas and everybody kind of jumped to do them and was on board with everything.”

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