Robert Pattinson in new Lost City of Z Trailer

Major hype surrounds The Lost City of Z starring Robert Pattinson”

Promotion has increased heavily recently for The Lost City of Z and it won’t be slowing down until it’s released.

The film stars Robert Pattinson on an epic adventure to find the ‘City of Zed”.

“The [film] is set in the early 1900s and covers the true story of WWI veteran Percy Fawcett’s (Hunnam) multiple expeditions into the Amazon. His sole aim is to prove the existence of an ancient civilization in defiance of the skeptical scientific community. But he’s a conflicted man, driven to succeed in his search while torn by every heart-wrenching departure from his wife (Miller) and family. Robert Pattinson plays Henry Costin, the close comrade-in-arms who assists Fawcett in his dangerous trek into the South American jungle.”

The new promotional poster, released by Flickering Myth, features an outside view of the hauntingly-lit trail through the dense and treacherous jungle.

The new trailer is amazing, and we look forward to the movie’s release. We’re always happy about a new Robert Pattinson movie though! 😍😍😍

The Lost City of Z is set to open in UK theaters March 24th and U.S. theaters on April 14th.

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