Kristen Stewart Surprises During SNL Performance

Kristen Stewart Surprises During SNL Performance

Kristen Stewart fans are raving about her SNL appearance last night. Besides dropping an F-Bomb during her monologue, things went very well for the actress.

Many expected Kristen to reference the new Twilight movie being filmed during the show. With all of the reports about the next movie being filmed, it seemed like a no brainer. Especially after an unknown source leaked a 2017 Twilight Saga movie trailer. While she didn’t mention the new movie release, she did make a few Twilight jokes. The one in her monologue was hilarious.

She may not have seemed like an obvious choice to host the show, but she ended up doing a very good job. The “Totinos” skit is receiving heavy praise from critics, and rightfully so. It was amazing.

We can’t leave out the Family Feud Superbowl sketch as well. Kristen Stewart fit right in with the comedians and definitely did a great job.

May we take a moment to mention that she looked absolutely stunning last night as well? 

What do you think, did you Kristen Stewart do a good job on SNL?

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