Kristen Stewart’s Music Video Debut


Kristen Stewart Speeds Around Town in the New Rolling Stone Music Video

Kristen Stewart took quite the unexpected role in The Rolling Stones‘ latest music video.

“Ride ‘Em On Down”, a cover of Eddie Taylor’s 1955 hit, is the first single off The Rolling Stones’ new blues cover album, Blue and Lonesome. This is the first studio album released from The Stones in a decade. In the video, Stewart zips around an empty Los Angeles while driving a bright blue vintage Mustang GT.

Besides the driving scenes, Kristen is shown buying beer, eating a lollipop, and partaking in a dance party of one at a gas station. 

…Of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without a scene that consists of Stewart doing donuts and randomly encountering a zebra. Even if you’re not a fan of The Rolling Stones, the video above is definitely worth a watch.

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