Big Update on New Twilight Movie Sequel

More news continues to be revealed about a new Twilight movie that’s in development. Gamenguide reports that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are confirmed for the next film. New reports are claiming that Kristen Stewart’s ex girlfriend, St. Vincent, will have a small role in the movie along with her new girlfriend. 

These rumors legitimate, unlike a lot of the news about Midnight Sun, Breaking Dawn: Part 3, and Crossbreed. There’s been a rumor about a new Twilight movies coming out every year, but this is the first time that a Summit Entertainment employee has said that they’re actively working on making it happen.


Reports state that Kristen Stewart is very interested to reprise her role in her upcoming ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ sequel alongside Robert Pattinson. However, other sources have claimed that the original Twilight lead stars will be portraying new roles.

A few news outlets reported that Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed would be taking the places of Robsten in the next movie. The so called source behind this news bit must have missed the part about Nikki Reed already being a main character in Twilight.😂

In case you missed it, the speculation making the rounds is that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson wouldn’t be portraying Edward and Bella, as the new story would include all new characters. Some of these stories claim that this was Stephenie Meyer’s executive decision. We can confirm that Stephenie Meyer hasn’t discussed actors or the roles that they’ll play with anybody involved in the making of the new movie.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson haven’t outwardly confirmed any of this yet, so speculation will likely continue until they do. What is confirmed however, is that the makers of everything Twilight want to make more Twilight films. They’ve been in contact with both Robert and Kristen, and neither actor declined.

Rumors are circulating that Stephenie Meyer has completed the first draft of the story. This movie would mark the first time that a Twilight movie was released the same day as the book. Stephenie Meyer is keeping everything on the hush, as she’s reportedly petrified of another incident like the leak of Midnight Sun’s first draft.

A huge piece of news surrounding the movie will be unveiled very soon as well. Our content validity team reached out to dozens of insider sources as soon as they heard rumblings. HUGE news was uncovered during their research.

We’re on the case, and will be the exclusive. What we’re hearing is VERY big, but we can’t report it yet. Everybody at Popplz strives for it to be a leader in entertainment news, and we cannot report on something that hasn’t been verified by a second source. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest Twilight news or subscribe to our newsletter for an email update the second that the news breaks!

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  1. A new twilight does need to come out. And obv if fka is Jelouse of the movie industry maybe she shouldn’t be in a relationship with a movie star.!!!😂 Edward and Bella always will look like a good cpl. But there deff has to be another one of little nezzy all grown up.

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