First Pictures of Emma Watson as Belle in ‘Beauty in the Beast’

Disney fans and Emma Watson fans alike were treated to the first images of Emma in character as Belle.

The British actress of Harry Potter fame looked exactly like the lovely Belle in the breathtaking new images – and stood her ground, refusing to wear a corset.


In the first image, Emma looks brilliant in the classic Bella gown.



In the second image, Belle is seen dancing with her unlikely love interest, Beast. 


These images are seriously exciting. This looks like it’s going to be a classic based off of the little we know about the film currently.

While Walt Disney Studios is clearly staying close to the script while retelling the classic story, Emma’s respectable feminist views are being reflected in her role as Belle. 

Emma Watson told Entertainment Weekly: ‘In the animated movie, it’s her father who is the inventor, and we actually co-opted that for Belle.’

‘I was like, ‘Well, there was never very much information or detail at the beginning of the story as to why Belle didn’t fit in, other than she liked books. Also, what is she doing with her time?’ 

So, we created a backstory for her, which was that she had invented a kind of washing machine, so that, instead of doing laundry, she could sit and use that time to read instead. So, yeah, we made Belle an inventor.’

Pretty cool, right?

Beauty and the Beast - Belle

Emma’s costume designer Jacqueline Durran was responsible for revealing that Emma wasn’t willing to wear a corset for the role.

‘In Emma’s reinterpretation, Belle is an active princess. She did not want a dress that was corseted or that would impede her in any way,’ she said. 

Emma also mentioned that she was a huge fan of the original. The original Beauty and the Beast was released when Emma Watson was only a year old!

‘I can’t even think how many times I watched it as a child,’ 

‘I knew all the words by heart. I knew all the songs by heart.’ 


The first official image comes a month after pictures of Emma in character were leaked online.

Until now, Disney has only offered a small glimpse of what’s to come.

An official teaser trailer released earlier this year showed the Beast’s castle and Ewan McGregor’s Lumiere saying: ‘What if she is the one?’ 

Are you excited for Beauty and the Beast?


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