Miley Cyrus Blasted For Calling Hillary Clinton a “Total Goddess”

Miley Cyrus’ latest appearance on Ellen is causing quite the uproar among certain people.

miley cyrus on ellen show

Miley Cyrus hasn’t been a squeaky clean Hollywood star in a very long time, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that she spoke candidly about her political views on Ellen. It shocked some people however.

Beyond calling Hillary Clinton “a total goddess”, Miley said that she finds it “ridiculous” Bernie Sanders’ supporters would remain undecided about voting for Clinton or “horrible and nasty” Donald Trump.

“We don’t always get what we want, so you do with what you have,” the 23-year-old judge on “The Voice” said. “And these are your choices, and it’s terrifying if someone besides Hillary Clinton – we shouldn’t even say the name – becomes president. So I think she’s a total goddess, and I just love her. And I’m really excited to see her for the next four – maybe eight – years.”

“I hope you’re right,” DeGeneres replied.

Some authors, like Jennifer LaClaire, looked pretty deeply into these comments.

“It doesn’t take a prophet to see that the wicked one is using Miley Cyrus to lead a generation astray,” LeClaire wrote.

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