Robert Pattinson HATED His Beard in ‘Lost City of Z’


He called it disgusting, but we definitely didn’t mind!

“Oh god, it took forever to grow. I was so happy to get rid of it. It was disgusting, the whole thing was disgusting,” he said on Saturday to the Hollywood Reporter. “And I had lost so much weight by the end of the shoot — nearly 35 pounds, we weren’t eating the entire time — that when I shaved it off, it was like I had no bottom half of my face. I was like a small, strange squirrel.”

This isn’t the first time Robert had to drop a ton of weight for a movie role. He felt inclined to drop nearly all of his body fat for the role of Edward Cullen. It’s been noted that he used starve himself and follow a crazy diet and workout routine. Like most movie stars in 2016, he reportedly used Kristen Stewart’s fat burner of choice, Garcinia Cambogia to help shed the weight.

While the product is mainly targeted towards females trying to lose 30-40 pounds in a month with zero exercise or dieting, men can see results from it too. Free trials are available for the rest of October. (You can get a free 30 day supply below this parapgraph!) All of the Popplz staff have ordered one already. Even the skinny minis who wanted it just in case they put on holiday weight! If you’ve ever considered trying this, do it today before you regret having to buy it for $50-$100 at the store!

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