Twilight Reunion on the Red Carpet

HOLY TWILIGHT REUNION! 4 of the Saga’s biggest female stars reunited yesterday. Kristen Stewart ran into her old cast mates Anna Kendrick, Dakota Fanning, and Nikki Reed at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday.


22-year-old Dakota played a member of the Volturi named Jane. She had a stone cold stare, and the ability to inflict crippling pain on anybody mentally. Dakota has been in 9 movies since the Twilight Saga ended and has a made a HUGE name for herself in the fashion industry.

nikki reed elle

28-year-old Nikki Reed played Rosalie Hale. Besides making ladies jealous by marrying Ian Somerhalder, Nikki has been in 8 movies since the Twilight Saga ended. She does a ton of charity work that goes unfortunately goes unnoticed at times due to the wide coverage of her love life and drama with Nina Dobrev.

anna kendrick elle

31-year-old Anna Kendrick played Jessica Stanley in the Twilight series. Not only is she doing amazing things in her film career (Over 20 movies filmed since Twilight ended, including the award winning Pitch Perfect 2) she’s been known for having one of the best Twitter accounts you can find.

kristen stewart elle

Last but not least is Kristen Stewart, who headed up the Stephenie Meyer series as Bella Swan. She’s filmed over 9 movies since the Saga ended, and has recently been quoted as considering another Twilight film alongside Robert Pattinson. She’s also become the face of the world’s strongest fat burner

kristen stewart and dakota fanning

Both Stewart and Kendrick were shot by Dan Martensen for the cover of the mag’s annual Women in Hollywood edition on newsstands now.

kristen stewart accepting award

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