Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed Having Fertility Issues

The current internet buzz about Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed is that the two are finalizing their divorce after repeated fertility issues. The decision is reportedly mutual. One source chimed in on the subject:

They feel like they shouldn’t be together if there’s no chance for to have kids together. They were already having problems anyway, so this may be just be their out.

We haven’t been able to verify that any of this is true. We’re reaching out to our sources try and get some insight about the alleged fertility issues along with their marriage status.

One thing seems to be pretty true though. They are definitely having personal problems that appear to stem from Ian’s past relationship with Nina Dobrev. Nikki Reed reportedly influenced Ian Somerhalder into urging that Nina be replaced in The Vampire Diaries. Kristen Stewart has been heavily rumored to be taking her spot.

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