Kristen Stewart Joining Vampire Diaries Cast?


Kristen Stewart is set to replace Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and fans are going crazy over the news.

Despite Nina Dobrev leaving the series in season 6, her character was not killed off. Elena Gilbert was put into a coma and will regain consciousness when Bonnie Bennett dies. It’s reported that Kristen will be playing Elena upon the character’s revival.

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Vampire Diaries’ creator has gone on record saying that Nina Dobrev is still interested in returning to The Vampire Diaries in Season 8 as Elena Gilbert. So what’s keeping her from coming back? There’s two persistent rumors about this.

  • Kristen Stewart is the the first choice, and Nina will be brought in if necessary.
  • Ian Somerhalder requested to not work with Nina Dobrev after tying the knot with Nikki Reed.

Ian Somerhalder likely has the stoke to make decisions like this because he’s one of the man characters, and a big asset to the series. Would he prefer Kristen Stewart instead of his ex-girlfriend?

This is where things get interesting. A source close to everybody involved exclusively gave us a pretty interesting perspective on this news.

Ian has the stroke to influence show runners, but Nikki has the stroke to influence Ian. Nikki would definitely prefer to keep her husband away from his ex. This wasn’t Ian’s decision. He’s on good terms with Nina.

This theory aligns with all of the news stories reported since Ian and Nikki hooked up. Nikki Reed is said to be extremely jealous of Nina Dobrev. Ian and Nina’s past was a huge mental hurdle for Nikki to overcome when she started dating Ian.

One interesting note is that Nina Dobrev really wanted the role of Bella Swan in “Twilight.” Will Kristen get another role that Nina wants, or will Nina edge out Kristen this time?

What’s even more interesting is all of the talks involving a new Twilight Saga featuring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. You’d have to imagine that most of the other main characters would be on board if Robsten are. Will Ian be okay with Nikki filming with Robert Pattinson? They DID used to date after all.

Representatives of Kristen Stewart haven’t confirmed or denied of this potential role yet. We’ll provide updates as they come in!

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  1. I did not like her in twilight and i perfer her not ruin my show in vampire diaries i believe nina is a better actor

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