Twilight Author Drops 40 Pounds!

Stephenie Meyer literally dropped 40+ pounds in 30 days with one easy trick anybody can do

Twilight Saga author, Stephenie Meyer, has a lost a significant amount of weight in an extraordinary amount of time.

It was recently announced that her new book ‘The Chemist’ is being adapted as a TV series by Tomorrow Studios. Knowing she’d be in the limelight once again, Stephenie took quick action to drop some extra weight for the cameras.


When asked how she did it so quickly, she attributed her weight loss to using a potent Forskolin supplement made by Apex that allowed her to shed 42 pounds of extra weight in only one month.  


“Besides the Forskolin, I increased my water intake by quite a bit and stopped eating as much at night. Really though, I didn’t make any serious changes besides taking Forskolin.”


So to recap, that was:

  • More water
  • Less night eating
  • Forskolin Supplements

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As technology becomes more advanced, experts are able to extract higher volumes of Forskolin from their natural source. This has created the most effective weight loss pill known to modern man. The new and improved Forskolin released by Apex hit shelves in March and quickly sold out of all major retailers. 

Apex Forskolin users are losing over a pound a day due their naturally increased metabolism. The Forskolin extract works to stabilize and cleanse the body. The body’s natural reaction is to shed unnecessary weight.

Check out some of the latest success stories from last month. This is wild:

Lost 90 pounds in 4 months.


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Lost 24 pounds in 30 Days!





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