New Twilight Movies Coming Soon?

Is the Twilight Saga making a big return?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have officially reunited. More than a few fans tweeted about seeing them together at a bar last week, and there have been two more sightings since. 



One source at the pub stated that they were basically smitten with each other.”

“Robert and Kristen seemed very happy to be with each other. Kristen didn’t stop smiling for the the entire time she was in the bar. The cutest thing ever was that they started to hold hands out of instinct as they crossed the street to leave, but then slowly let go as they realized what they were doing.”


Another bar patron claimed to have heard them speaking of a new movie together.

“Kristen said ‘it’s so great, just to be here, that i’d still be content if the movies fell through”


Note the plural: “MOVIES”. 



This falls in line with the latest Hollywood rumors about the two final Twilight movies being released in 2019 and 2020. The two part project is currently titled “Midnight Sun”. 


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Midnight Sun was a novel that Stephenie Meyer began writing. At the time, she called it an “exercise in character development”.

“Writing chapter one, “First Sight,” from Edward’s point of view was an exciting experience; I actually had my pulse racing as I typed. When I finished, I was truly pleased with my creation. Here was the other side of the story that no one knew. Here was the truth of what Edward had been through. I felt like I knew my Edward even better, and I was sure his dialogue would be more insightful in future novels. The end. Exercise over.

Ha ha. It wasn’t long before I was thinking about Edward in Alaska, Edward upon his return to Forks, Edward’s side of that fateful conversation in Biology… Chapter two started to write itself in my head, while I kept telling myself that I didn’t have time to write a book for fun when I had real books to write. (My mother seconded that opinion—she thinks I work too hard).”



But Midnight Sun was not to be. A copy of the half finished novel was stolen from Stephenie Meyer and leaked onto the internet for all to read. This was a crushing experience for Stephenie, who felt defeated and emotionally drained over the incident. The thought of people reading her unfinished, unedited work was traumatizing to the Twilight author. She didn’t work on the project again until 2016.


If rumors are to be believed, the new “Midnight Sun” begins with Edward’s side of the story just like the original, except this time there’s a twist. Rather than picking up from his perspective, the story actually begins with Edward telling Renesmee a short story about Bella. This results in Renesmee pushing for the entire story.


Reports suggest that while Edward revealing his side of the Twilight story is only the first half of the story, it reveals huge plot twists that will completely change the way you perceive things that happened in the original four books. There’s several theories surrounding the second half of the story. The most prominently reported plot involves a returning Volturi that’s more powerful than ever, and may include a member of the Cullen Clan that’s gone bad.

Despite the Robsten rumors, and the reports of Stephenie completing the final Midnight Sun draft, there’s other signs pointing to this happening. Movie producers working with Lionsgate openly pushed for more Twilight movies in 2016, right around Stephenie picked her pen up again.

Most surprising of all though, is that over a half dozen Twilight stars have mentioned being “open to doing more of them” within the past month. This includes Anna Kendrick, Taylor Lautner, and Dakota Fanning. Some conspiracy theorists even believe that many scenes have already been filmed in secret.

Here’s what WE DO know though…

Anything is possible. Even Robsten rekindling their real life romance! Here’s to hoping! Are you excited for new the new Twilight?


81 thoughts on “New Twilight Movies Coming Soon?

      1. Yes I have being waiting to watch it,,,can’t wait to see that beautiful movie,, Bella,, Edward,, Jacob,,renny. Hmm

  1. I love all the Twilight movies. I just wish that I had the money, to buy all of them I would watch them everyday. I only have one leg so I don’t get out much.

    1. I can’t wait I’m a big fan of all theTwilight movies. I’m 65 years old and my friends and l get together forTwilight marathon every other month.

  2. Me and my mom have seen all of the twilight movies. After the last movie Alice has the vision. But I’m confused why would a Cullen turn its back on the family?

  3. are they coming out with another movie can wait if so I have followed yall from day hope to watch anoth movie of yall cant wait

      1. Idk but I rly hope it come out soo. Like sjedmdjsmme sis. Siebishhhhh sorry I went crazy I use David to be OBSSed I. Thirteen but still did u know u can be an actual vampire look it up ……with the powers lol…..

  4. I’ve read all the hard cover books, own the dvds. Watched every time they put the movies on tv.. Still awaiting for a new movie. You just left all of us hanging . Now you must let us know what happened with Jacob and Renessmay? Are Edward and Belles still like two peas in a pod? Were ready bring it !!! 😁

  5. hi iam bill king and I just wanna say that the twilight movies are awesome and I love all of the movies,cant wait for the new twilight to come out

  6. I cant wait for this to come out i would love to actually see this movie like omg i love twilight so much and i hate romace movies but i love twilight exspeacially edward and jacob

  7. Stephanie Meyer I hope you would please think hard about making more of these movies… They are my favorite movies out of any movie that has been made.. I cried n cried when it was over like it can’t be … please please please write more … make more love watching the romance Bella and Edward have want to see there little girl grow up and Jacob and her together. Don’t stop now keep going not finished yet☺️

  8. Please come oyt with midnight sun!! Twilight is my favorite! Stephanie meyers, if you are reading this, I HAVE POSTERS AND ALLLLL OF THE MOVIES AND BOOKS AND I REALLY LOOOOOOVE THEM!! I CANNOT WAIT to see Midnight sun!! I am a HUUUUUGE FAN!! You rock girl!!! Please DO NOT give up on all your fans and the twilight entire series!!! 😍😍

  9. Oh my god I can’t wait until Twilight midnight moon comes out in theaters in Indiana I am so going to go watch it when will be in theaters here in

  10. OMG, can’t wait anymore..
    Please hurry..
    So much thanksfully the twilight movie’s goin back again..!!! So unbelieveable, thank you so much Stephanie Meyers.. We Loves You..

  11. Omg I’m so happy please hurry making the book so they can start making the movie I am so addicted to these movies I can watch them all day everyday ❤️🤤💍💍💍

  12. I love all the Twilight movies but atthe end of part two it shows Rennesmae and Jacob by each other and Edward and Bella coming up behind them and Rennesmae hugs Bella and i just want to know what happens to Rennesmae and Jacob do theyget married what i love your movies so much please don’t quit makeing them you need to come out with rhe last two Twilighovies please. I love your movies.

  13. I’m 63 and more into action films. As of 2018, I ‘m totally hooked on the Twilight series. Can’t wait for their new movies and hopefully subsequent merchandise, since I missed out the first time around.

  14. bro I LOVE twilight yeah I might not have any of the books or movies but I love them all and I hope jacoube is hot btw I have a crush on him

  15. Is it really happening this time I’ve been dieing to see midnight sun ..I love the twilight series I have them all on DVD …really hope this is it …CANT WAIT TO SEE IT

  16. I REALLY hope that they do make a new twilight movie.I miss it sooooooo much.Especially Bella and Edward and all Cullens and Jacob and the Werewolves. #twilightforever

  17. I miss Mr. & Mrs. Cullens😍😍😍 Can’t wait to see the new chapters of there life💗💗 I never thought I would love Bella and Edward together,, it just happened that when I saw them on tv it feels like there’s something between them😍💗 One time I wish until real life they were both together😊 Please please please release another new son that renesmees story will continue…

  18. Please make this happen! We’ve been waiting for this. I don’t if the conversation in the bar was true but we are LITERALLY HOPING THAT IT WAAAAAAS! Please please! We are here, we’ll be supporting you all!

  19. I love twilights so much!! I hope she still does MIDNIGHT SUN! I was devastated when I heard she wasn’t because she was crushed about it getting stolen but didn’t mean she had to stop she should of got cops involved because that’s illegal! Big time 💯 so please finish book/movie!!!! I am excited! 💖

  20. Just watched the whole Twilight series. Then saw the last one was made in 2012. I think Stephenie Meyers is a horrible author to leave her audience that way in Breaking Dawn. I later saw she moved on to Fifty Shades of Grey. I did see that movie but after I heard she was part of it. I had no desire to watch the second so i could be led down a long path to disappointment. Stephenie may have some good ideas for movies but I don’t feel she’s a good author. If you can’t finish the job #Stepheniemeyer I’d be happy to create a proper ending in Twilight as opposed to abandoning your fans.

  21. I Sincerely Hope They Make Another Movie I’d Like To See If Jacob And Renesmee Become A Couple And Get Married That Would Be So Awesome And Amazing.

  22. I really love all the twilight movies i really hope they do come out with more everyone in my family kinda makes fun of me bc i love watching all the twilight movies but i love watching them there really interseting to me

  23. I can’t wait til the new movies come out it’s people that like to kicked in the 🏠 house we need new movies can’t wait for twilight to come 2019- 2020

  24. I am a mad fan of Twilight series. I have seen them number of time and always think what will happen when the little one will grow up with Jacob. At last my dream will come true. Thanks and please finish the movie faster

  25. Truly excited that the twilight saga will continue and hopefully all of the original actors will be in the new movie especially Edward, Bella and Jacob. Twilight is inspirational hopeful and romantic ❤️ I lose myself in the stories

  26. My best friend and I own ALL the books and movies of the Twilight series! We have been head-over-heels in LOVE with this series since it came out! I admit, I was not a fan of the movie when it first came out, but after I read the first book, I was hooked for sure!! Please let this not be a dream and let some new Twilight movies/books come out! I was so heartbroken to see it end!!😢 But I am so ECSTATIC to see it return!!😁😁😁

    1. Omg, I have been telling my mom ( she is a huge twilight fan) that y’all had to make a new one because of the ending in Breaking Dawn pt.2!!!! Of coarse, she did listen…. THEN I READ THIS! AND BAM! We are all in shock, this has to come out…. if it does, I bet billions of people will be… SUPER EXITED! For example, everyone who has commented on dis. You left us hanging for…. I DONT WANNA COUNT! I have read the books at least 10000000 times and I am currently rereading them again! So I will shut up now… ONLY IF YOU TELL US WHEN DA MOVIE COMES OUT! I mean Month/day/year! Thank you for your service.. don’t ask.

  27. Jesus i can breath now it should have to take that long for me to find out that another series of twilight is coming out like i’m trying to see more of Jacob. omg i’m so happy i can breath now.

  28. Hmmmm I can’t wait anymore ..really want to read the book cos it is more amazing than the movie. But the movie so great too. Both of always make me curiosly

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