Does Robert Pattinson Have a New Girlfriend?

Pattinson and Mabel

Robert Pattinson may have a new girlfriend

6 months after breaking up with FKA twigs, Robert Pattinson may be on to the next women. Rumors have been circulating about Robert Pattinson reuniting with Kristen Stewart, alongside rumors of him dating Katy Perry and a mystery blonde he was spotted with several times.

Things may be about to change as things reportedly heat up with Mabel McVey, a Spanish-born Swedish-British singer and a rising star in the British pop scene.

Robert has been through a few transformations in the past few months. Besides ending his engagement to FKA Twigs, he also saw a career resurgence following the premiere of Good Time. His performance was lauded by critics. Pattinson is beginning to be known for his “consistently stellar work.” Many are calling his performance “one of the year’s finest.”

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The hard work and alone time appears to be paying off for the Twilight actor. Mirror UK is reporting that he has “grown close to Brit-nominated singer Mabel” and that they were “practically inseparable” during London Fashion Week.

“Rob looked smitten with Mabel and they spent two nights glued to each other,” a source told Mirror UK. “They were practically inseparable at the Vogue party at Annabel’s, and again the following night at a Miu Miu fashion party where Rob was trying to be really low key. Their friendship has blossomed from there.”

Despite the fact that she is only 22, which is 9 years younger than Robert, Mabel has been named a “style star to watch” by Vogue Magazine and is gaining quick stardom with her music style.

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Being smitten with Mabel doesn’t mean that Robert Pattinson is over FKA twigs. A friend of Robert’s told Hollywood Life that seeing her in commercials or hearing about her still makes it difficult for him.

“He loves her very much still and seeing this commercial reminds him of how amazing she is,” the source said. “He sees her talent, he sees her smile and watching it makes him happy since it such a time warp for him. It takes him back to when they were in a better place. It shows the best of everything about her.”

Unlike his relationship with Kristen Stewart however, it’s believed Robert would never go back to FKA Twigs.

Do you think Robert should date Mabel? Is the age difference too much, or is it not a big deal? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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